About Algeria

About Algeria

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and has a beautiful setting on the coast of the Mediterranean ocean with its pleasant year-round climate. With an ancient history and fairly recent independence, there is much to interest visitors here.

• ALGERIA is the second largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean Basin.

• ALGERIA has one of the largest natural gas in the world and oil reserves.

• Strong revenues from hydrocarbon exports have brought Algeria relative macroeconomic stability.

• Per capita GDP 584 billion of International dollars in 2015

• GDP is $238 billion in 2015

• In 2013, Algeria bought US$58.3 billion worth of imported products.

• Algeria’s main imports are industrial supplies, construction products, foodstuffs, machinery, transportation products, textile & urniture and consumer goods. Algeria's main exports are petroleum, natural gas, and petroleum products.

• Algeria's economy has seen significant reforms in recent years.

• Continuous improvements to the economy of Algeria are being made by the government, which has had a positive.

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