Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

Building Machines:

?Bulding Machines & Equipments

?Chemical Process Machinery


?Construction & Mining Equipments & Machinery

?Components For Dies & Moulds

?Electrical & Electronic Equipment For Machine Tools


?Heating Technology

?Hydraulic Machines & Equipments

Industry Machines:

?Industrial Supplies

?Machine Tools

?Marble Machines & Stone Processing

?Material Handling Machines

?Metal Processing Machines

Packaging Machines:

?Packaging Machines, Materials & Equipment

?Coding & Marking Solutions

?Flexo, Gravure, Offset & Screen Printing Presses

?Label Printing Equipment

?Corrugated Box Making Machinery

?Paper, Film, Foil, Inks & Other Consumables

?Food Production & Processing Equipment

?Barcodes & RFID

?Rigid & Flexible Packaging

?Flexible Intermediate Container

?Woven, Sacks & other Bulk Packaging Solutions

?End-Of- Line Packaging Solutions

?Supply Chain, Logistics and Material Handling

?Coding & Marking Solutions

Plastic Machines:

?Plastic Production Machines

?Machines for foam

?Molds and dies, laboratory control and test equipment

?Machines for secondary processing, finishing, decorating

?Machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber recovery and recycling

?Raw materials, acrylics, polyamides, polyolefinics, styrenes, vinylics

?Semi-finished and finished products, household, electrical, electronic, industrial

?Product design, manufacturing and reconstruction services

Marble & Stone Machines:

- Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Stone related Machineries & Equipment, Tools, Consumables & Industrial Chemicals

- Machines, equipment and tools for mining and processing of stone

- Grave monuments Machines

- stone processing waste machines

- Restoration works machines

- Dimensional stone, blocks and slabs machines

Food & Agriculture Machines:

- Food-processing & packaging machinery

- Refrigeration systems, Cold rooms

- Weighing & information systems

- Storage & Handling systems

- Hotel & Kitchen Equipments

- Cutting Machinery

- Drainage Machinery

- Grading & Sorting Machinery

- Harvest Machinery

- Irrigation Machinery

- Multifunctional Machinery

- Primary Milling and Processing of Crops (Rice Milling) Machinery

- Non ?Soil Cultivating Machinery

- Soil Processing Machinery

- Spraying Machinery

- Tillage Machinery

Electricity and Reneweble Energy Machines:

- Synchronous Motors

- Synchronous Generators

- Ampli-Speed?Magnetic Drives

- Induction Motors

- Turbo Generators

- Brushless Exciters

- Industrial Automation

- Switches, Switchgears & Control Panels

- UPS, Stabilizers, Invertors

- Generator Equipments

- Measuring & Testing Technology

- Non Conventional Energy Sources

- Wires & Cables

- Motors & Transformers

- Security & Industrial Safety Equipment

- Industrial Electronic Components

- Lighting Equipment, Luminaries

- Decorative & Industrial Fixtures

- Sensors, Capacitors

- Solar Equipments

- Energy Conservation Equipment & Devices.

- Barcode Machine

- Electronic Surveillance & Security Equipment

Automobiles & Motorcycles Machines:

- auto vehicles machines

- motorcycles, accessories, equipment

- special, urban, municipal vehicles

- automobile design, tuning

- spare and component parts

- petroleum products, lubricants

- interior equipment and accessories

- car care products, auto chemistry

- car service and maintenance companies, filling stations

- garage equipments;

- automobile and road service, traffic safety

- crediting, insurance, leasing, highway maps, special editions.

Heating & Cooling Machines :

Heat Exchange Systems

Heating / Treating Stress Relief / Heating Equipment

Testing / Quality Control Equipment

Instrumentation & Control Systems

Hardening and heating machines, heat treatment

Honing, lapping, polishing and deburring

Softening Processes including annealing and normalising

Tempering processes

Thermochemical processes including carburising, Nitriding, Boronising

Structural steel quenching

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